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LÜRA-Classic LÜRA-Classic

LÜRA Classic movable walls made of steel are convincing as a result of their simple and extremely stable design.
The system is based on three basic elements: central wall, rear wall and partition wall.

The components

Central wall

Central wall – shape: straight on both sides.
Serves as a central wall if on both sides boxes are made by means of partition walls. ...

Rear wall

Rear wall – shape: straight on one side.
Runs on the inside straight to the box, and on the outside obliquely – therefore has a straight connecting face for the partition walls. It functions frequently as a side wall or rear wall for the set-up of boxes or halls. ...

Partition wall

Partition wall – shape: oblique on both sides.
For the flexible formation of boxes and/or separation of bulk materials. Has excellent weight and force distribution between the filling material placed in the wall and the bulk materials with which it is in contact. ...

End wall

Available in every shape: the Classic end wall
As a central wall, partition wall or rear wall, each with a slope on one side and collision guard. This wall serves as a closure in the area of the driveway/of the beginning of the box. ...It permits a better overall view between the boxes and, due to its stronger construction in the sloped portion, provides additional collision protection.


The box structure

Stable and securely connected: for the formation of complete bulk material boxes with a rear wall, central wall and partition wall these form a unit as a result of their interlocking with one another. ... In that way you can also quite easily extend the boxes in your store yard.

Set-up examples