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Systems engineering Systems engineering

Systems engineering simply integrated.

What all LÜRA hall variants have in common is the simple integration of customized systems engineering. Doors, lighting, ... transport equipment, fan systems or accessories can be attached to the walls without any problems, since these can at every point with the help of small additions take up additional loads.

Conveyor system

For your requirement the optimum hall.

For example the planning of a conveyor system can take place without any great coordination during the basic planning; before the beginning of hall production merely the exact positions must be given. ... In the interior as a result of the modular movable walls the design of the storage boxes always remains flexible. A system solution that is convincing as a result of the simple implementation and the optimum price/perfor-mance ratio.

Photo on left: Rolling gate, escape door. Photo on right: Windbreak

Gates & doors

LÜRA bulk material halls can be equipped with rolling gates – including tarpaulin or wind protection net, with sectional doors/gates, lamellar gates or others. Doors for individuals as escape doors, ... with or without fire protection, are also included in the range.



In the case of arched plastic sheeting roofs, lighting is, due to the high translucence of the woven tarpaulin, only partially necessary or only at certain times of the day or night. In the case of other roof shapes ... shapes that require somewhat more lighting expenditure, additional strip lighting can be included in planning and installed without difficulty.


The gables can be clad partially or completely with wind protection nets, in combination with PVC sheeting, and on request also be provided with an imprint.

Ventilation grilles

Ventilation & air-conditioning

Ventilation of the halls can be carried out via wind protection nets in the gables , via eaves-end ventilation solutions, different roof venting systems or by means of an active ventilation system. ... Whether ventilation grilles inside the movable walls – for example in the case of gas development with heavy gases –, whether air shafts or complete ventilation systems: we take into account all of the individual preconditions during the advisory process and adjust your building project accordingly.

Sprinklers and humidifiers

With strong dust development and highly flammable material frequently sprinklers and humidifiers are used which can be attached to or on top of the LÜRA movable walls.

Fire protection

The tarpaulins and woven tarpaulins are supplied by us, depending on the special requirement, in various qualities and fire protection classes.