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LÜRA bulk material halls: hall construction solution with method.

Planned, set up and ready for use within the shortest possible time, incomparably sturdy and cost-effective: LÜRA bulk material halls are convincing as a well thought-out, versatile system solution ... which meets the highest demands on economic efficiency and sustainability. Their flexible type of construction creates new efficiency for sorting and storing of bulk materials.
Cantilevered arch roofs, classic shed roof or sliding roof: with different roof designs we offer you an impressive selection of sizes and possibilities, whether in the open or closed hall variant.

One wall, many functions: supporting structure, filler wall, protective wall…

Strong basis of all LÜRA halls:
LÜRA movable walls made of steel.

They guarantee maximum sturdiness and stability, form the supporting structure and serve at the same time as a filler wall. Their assembly is quick and simple ... since a ground anchor or foundations are usually not necessary. Combined with the roofing of your choice the storage boxes become the protective hall.

Adjustment of the storage box subdivisions to the current operations flows:
with the modular, LÜRA movable walls that is not a problem!

New flexibility in the interior

LÜRA bulk material halls are made of standard components and are nevertheless tailored individually to your particular requirements. Common to all variants is the fact ... that a shortage of space is not an issue. External dimensions of up to 20 m and self-supporting widths of 30 m are standard; we plan and manufacture special sizes on request. In the interior of your LÜRA bulk material hall you do, however, as regards the structure and design of the bulk material boxes always remain flexible due to the movable walls that can be used on a modular basis, and secure the maximum efficiency of your operation flows.

Simply extended, supplemented with versatility: hall with materials handling equipment

Easily integrate systems engineering

Doors and gates, materials handling systems, lighting, ventilation and sprinkler systems: for your individual conditions of use the halls ... can be equipped with all the necessary accessories, since LÜRA movable walls can take additional loads at every point.

Customized planning, fast assembly

LÜRA bulk material halls are designed on a customized basis for each customer according to the special requirements for use and supplied with all the necessary accessories. Set-up is carried out smoothly: ... all halls have the LÜRA movable walls as a substructure – and these are installed very quickly. We recommend that you should accept our offer of cost-effective complete assembly that is carried out by our experienced staff. This service also comprises the filling of the movable walls in situ which you can, however, also do yourselves.